Last night during the State of the Union Address, President Obama called for increased opportunity in the United States. He called for Congress to act this year on immigration reform that immigrant communities, labor leaders, faith leaders, and business leaders have advocated for. The President promised to raise the minimum wage in federal contracts; a move that will have a positive impact on many low-wage workers and their families.

Yet, President Obama did not go far enough, particularly on immigration reform. Reform to our immigration system should unite families. The relentless deportations that separate families must end. Immigration reform should include a pathway to citizenship for aspiring Americans. Strong worker protections should be a part of any immigration reform.

Let’s get immigration reform done this year, protect workers, and keep families together. Let’s keep working together to ensure all workers receive a fair wage. The House of Representatives should heed the President’s call for immigration reform and accomplish meaningful reform that includes a pathway to citizenship. Congress should follow the President’s lead and take the next step and raise the minimum wage for all workers.