Worker Education and Leadership Development

CDM performs a broad array of outreach and education to diverse audiences, including leadership development, “know your rights” trainings, and resources for migrants at risk of abuse in particular industries. Find out more. 

Intake and Referral

CDM is a critical point of contact for migrant workers in the United States, providing intake, evaluation, and referral for the many workers who seek us out when they face labor abuses. Find out more.

Direct Representation and Litigation Support

From investigation and witness location to remote deposition and settlement distribution, we provide expert, professional litigation support services for private U.S. firms, solo practitioners, government agencies, and non-profit organizations with Mexico-based clients. Find out more.

Policy Advocacy

By bringing migrant workers’ voices to key policy forums, CDM provides a transnational worker-centered presence that should be fundamental but is often lacking in immigration and labor policy debates. Find out more.