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JUST FILED! Defending the Farmworker Protection Rule

A few weeks ago, 17 State Attorneys General, growers and big-time farmers filed a suit against the U.S. Department of Labor to stop the new farmworker protection rule from going into effect. We cannot let this happen. Today, we filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit to ensure that our organization and migrant agricultural workers…

JUST FILED!! Workers bring class action lawsuit against Hyundai Glovis and GFA

Imagine leaving your home behind to pursue what seems to be an incredible professional opportunity abroad only to experience fraud, abuse, discrimination, wage theft and more at the hands of your employers. This is exactly what happened to our clients — Rosa Linda and Jimmy, two engineers from Mexico. Today, I am proud to announce we…

Breaking!!! New protections for migrant workers!!

Just a few hours ago, the Department of Labor announced new protections for migrant workers! The historic, worker-protective rule reflects decades of courageous advocacy by migrant workers, CDM, and allied organizations. The rule has the potential to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of migrant agricultural workers in the U.S. H-2A visa program. Some of the…