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Breaking!!! New protections for migrant workers!!

Just a few hours ago, the Department of Labor announced new protections for migrant workers! The historic, worker-protective rule reflects decades of courageous advocacy by migrant workers, CDM, and allied organizations. The rule has the potential to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of migrant agricultural workers in the U.S. H-2A visa program. Some of the…

Building TN Worker Power

We just closed the third “The Future of [Guest]Work” summit in Atlanta, Georgia. The summit brought together workers on TN visas from across industries and states to build power and strengthen connections with allies. Over the past three days, TN workers representing different industries, joined by Migration that Works members, developed an advocacy agenda that reflects the experiences…

A Thousand Days of Advocacy

Today, International Migrants’ Day, marks exactly 1,000 days since migrant worker women alongside CDM and dozens of other organizations submitted a complaint under the US Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) against the United States for sex-discrimination in guestworker programs. On this meaningful day, we celebrate the strength of these migrant worker women and the positive ripple effects created by their courageous complaint. By the US government’s own recognition, the women…