Jorge, Joel, Hector, Leonardo and Hilario are demanding resolution of a long-fought battle over the wages owed them and thousands of other workers. Represented by CDM and Public Citizen Litigation Group, these five former H2B visa workers filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Labor and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta in a first step toward recovering the wages they are rightfully owed.

The fight over H2B wages began ten years ago, when a coalition of H2B workers-represented by CDM and allies-won a decision overturning DOL regulations that allowed H2B employers to pay illegally low rates. After the court ruled in favor of the workers in 2013, DOL issued a new rule and informed H2B employers that they needed to pay a higher wage rate.

But before they paid the wages, thousands of employers appealed DOL’s decision.Those appeals have been languishing in administrative limbo for six years, unresolved.

Now, Jorge, Joel, Hector, Leonardo and Hilario-former workers in the traveling fair and landscaping industries-are stepping up to put an end to DOL’s inaction and ensure all H2B workers receive the wages to which they’re entitled.

Jorge Palafox, a leader in CDM’s Migrant Defense Committee, is one of the plaintiffs in the case. In 2013, Palafox worked on an H2B visa for a California food concession company. In his words, “This case could affect thousands of workers like me who weren’t paid the wages they should have received. It’s a lot of money for us. Those wages aren’t just important for us workers; they belong to our families. At the end of the day, this case is about them. That’s why we go to work in the United States.”

Justice delayed is justice denied. It’s time for DOL to tell H2B employers to pay the wage rates the law requires. We won’t rest until the rights of Jorge, Joel, Hector, Leonardo and Hilario-and all migrant workers-are respected.
Read the complaint here.