by María Perales Sanchez, Communications Coordinator

Today, November 12, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Regents of the University of California v. Department of Homeland Security et al. – the crucial case that challenges Trump’s rescission of DACA.

As you may know, I am a plaintiff in this case, and the support from my colleagues at CDM and ally community has been overwhelming. Last week I was fortunate to talk to the Baltimore Sun about my journey.

CDM rallied with hundreds and thousands of others on the courthouse steps with the #HomeIsHere marchers who set off from the Statue of Liberty 18 days and 230 miles ago. CDM’s Executive Director Rachel Micah-Jones and I were inside the Court hearing the oral arguments that our side has been prepping for months!

It’s been a whirlwind four days since the marchers stopped in Baltimore to recharge for the final leg of their journey – from welcome dinners to marching onto the Supreme Court steps.

We hosted a welcoming dinner on Thursday, November 7, at Loyola with allies and performers for an incredible evening of solidarity. We were also joined by case counsel Lindsay Harrison who gave us insight into the legal and constitutional arguments at play during the hearing.

Then, Friday, our team raised our voices together outside Baltimore City Hall, joined by City Council President Brandon Scott, to support the hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients and the TPS-holding community.

Today was a landmark day in the fight to uphold the rights of the migrant community. Keep an eye out for the hashtags #HomeIsHere, #DefendDACA and #ProtectTPS to stay up-to-date.

Stand with us, the migrant community and allies taking a stand against the administration’s arbitrary and capricious policies. It’s imperative that the Court rules on the right side of history, and we made sure they heard our voices.